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Try to contact Jim Clark or Maria Minstra. Best looking blonde. The thread on the forum went on for 30 some odd pages. Where is bambi woods. Wouldn't be the first time. Did you ever travel the country at that time doing live appearances at clubs? Debbie told me she was born in , which would make her 53 in His interviews with the girl of the month are both sympathetic and sad. Tamil hot vido. That "quote" alone was a blatant give away. For a time, she worked as a tour guide in the aptly named Erotic Heritage Museum in where else?

That interview was a hoax of epic proportions! Check out our Summer Movie Guide. Sherri Tart aka Rikki O'Neal first got into the adult film industry in , after a short-lived career as a figure model. Just an every day amateur snap shot.

Never in a million years did I think that it would be anything like what it became and if I had known I would never have done it! She went on star of over 40 porn films, but struggled with drugs all her life and sadly died of an accidental overdose in , six years after her last film performance. Pop Culture The 25 Hottest Cheerleaders In Movies.

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For those of you who actually cared about what happened to me for personal reasons and not financial, thank you. Maisie williams boobs. I say leave her alone. Scaramouch, has anyone seen the Bambi Woods website?

But if you aren't the real deal then a picture is out of the question To be clear I am NOT asking for one cent for myself as I don't need money and it would just be a once off interview. But seriously, these articles were very interesting. Where is bambi woods. As friends drift apart and I became a fairly successful musician, I didn't ever think of her as "bambi", that was a funny name. She said her kids were teenagers. The stories say you had a very religious catholic background, and went to High School on Long Island.

But, his life was pretty much a mess. Kaitlin olson topless. How about rest of the cast?

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It is often violent, humorous, and definitely considered a hardboiled crime novel. She was adopted and brought to the States from Taiwan, by her American adoptive parents. I'm married for over 20 years with a couple of lovely children who are both teenagers. More Top TV Shows Certified Fresh TV Episodic Reviews American Gods: I have no idea where these stories come from.

You'd have to search out-of-business businesses in NY, track her first paycheck signature and where cashed based on company records fly to CA, interview old porn stars - who would probably lie just to be famous one more time, etc. Check out IMDb's Comic-Con Guide for the latest celebrity interviews, event coverage, cosplay photos, and more.

I couldn't find anything at all about this lady, who also appeared in a number of adult movies including the seminal Inside Seka under the name Christie Ford , so anyone that can supply more information, please let me know. Where is bambi woods. I wish we made more than 20 bucks a day in advertising to do this ourselves. I have her in Cheri magazine with the short brown hair so everything seems to fit and she is very humble so I think you scored a touchdown on this big time! Scara, once again someone asked you to do the fandango.

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She takes a sip of wine, sets down the glass. Yeah, it is for most people. BRUCE Oh hi, ah, coffee please. Evan Almighty Theatrical release poster. BRUCE No, that's okay. Latest Hot Celebrity Pictures More. Mistakes Early in the film, Jim Carrey is watching TV during a sports segment.

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