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Coming Out of Their Shells April appears in a supporting role in the filmed version of the Turtles' concert tour. Amateur babes tgp. From Our Sponsors Sex Toys Online Sex Toy Store. April oneil and. Smash-Up April O'Neil. She then bandages her arm while she informs them that she's being hunted by a very bad man called The Finger.

Recent from Germain Lussier In the Manhattan Project part 2, April along with the rest of the team find out that Karai is Splinter's biological daughter to which April shows disbelief and refers to her as an evil witch. Free spanking video tube. He then tells her that there is no need for she spoke from her heart. With the Foot now after her, along with the Kraang and likely thanks to her very narrow escape, she is unsafe out in the open. Karai then compliments her father and orders him to take a message to Splinter.

Attacked by Newtralizer again, April is stunned to see Mikey return from his presumed death, now sporting electrical powers similar to Newtralizer, but it doesn't help when Donnie and Karai are taken by the Vreen as well to join Leo and Sal Commander on Dregg's ship. He's both gonzo journalist and investigative reporter.

She was jumped by some thugs one day while on assignment, and was saved by the turtles. Donnie then discovers and states that the creatures are the cause of the earthquakes around the city and the source of the mutagen itself which disgusts April. She is seen heading home with Casey after seeing a movie at the cinema.

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She then climbs on top of one of the worms and rides it by pulling on it's antenna. Russian free xxx movies. Contents [ show ]. April then comes up with an idea to refreeze her but Casey replaces it with a dangerous stunt that involves trying to electrocute it to death using a nearby power box that fails.

Soon the Turtles get a call from Mikey and Casey, who try to cover up the fact that they took April's crystal without her knowing about it, and recent events with it as well, but April overhears everything and explodes at Mikey in fury for taking her crystal without her permission.

April and the rest of the team, sans Leo, are able to make it back the the Ulixes and escape, and Raph is able to rescue Leo after Armaggon is presumed dead after crashing into, and destroying, Overmind's hard drive. After they rescue her from a M. April oneil and. She can sense upcoming danger and read the minds of the Kraang, though the extent of which she can read them is unclear. Karai agrees to allow April to face Shinigami again, but during the battle, April's anger and rage is amplified by the Aeons' gift, causing her to unleash powerful psychic blasts that crack the glass around Shredder's old throne room.

EVENTS Awards Central Oscars Golden Globes Sundance Cannes Comic-Con Emmy Awards Venice Film Festival Toronto Film Festival Festival Central Tribeca All Events. After he and the others save her, they reconcile. Name of indian pornstars. However, using her psychic powers, April is able to locate the Aeons' Sol Star, and return it to the top of the temple, where its power restores the planet to its pristine state and turns the Aeons back from their corrupted forms. SHOWS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April O'Neil.

Being half-Kraang mutant she is immune to mutagen and her blood is the only ingredient needed to perfect the Mutagen although the Kraang found another way and Retro-Mutagen. Wearing it as a necklace, the Sol Star fragment not only helps her in further developing and focusing her psychic abilities, but increases them to tremendously incalculable levels. April O'Neil Mirage Comics.

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While actress Judith Hoag was the first actress to bring intrepid reporter April O'Neil to life, starring in 's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from director Steve Barron, her tenure as the character was rather short-lived.

She is seen volunteering at a soup kitchen alongside her father as they serve and feed the population of New York City as they clean up the city and get back to their regular lives after the Kraang invasion which was all narrated by Casey at the beginning of the episode. She first appears at Roosevelt High School walking with her friend Irma to class.

She is voiced by Emi Shinohara. View all images. Listen to all the actors who have voiced April O'Neil and vote for your favorite. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: When Mikey falls and accidentally discovers a hidden trap door that leads to the basement, she is surprised as she didn't even know about it.

Edit Promote Share to Kinja Toggle Conversation tools Go to permalink. April oneil and. That idea has now changed as they thought it would be amusing to kill her, while collecting her DNA in the process, in The Kraang Conspiracy and trying to exterminate her along with the Turtles and Casey in "Plan 10," "The Invasion," and "Return to New York.

April can only apologize to Donnie before Za-Naron takes control of her and scatters Donnie's molecules as punishment for interfering with her plans, but when Za-Naron attempts to do the same to Raphael later when she seems to be in full control of April now, April's memories of Donnie and her guilt of what she did to him earlier gives her the will and strength to fight back and regain control long enough to, at Leonardo's urging, tear the crystal from her neck and shatter it on the street.

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